I would like to thank you for the excellent service that you have provided for me and my family. Final Finish did an excellent job on fixing our camping trailer, when no one else wanted to work on it. A month later when my truck was hit by a deer, it was obvious that Final Finish would be my choice for the repair. I was not disappointed, Chase handled all the insurance details, without me having to do a thing. Its not only important to get a quality job, but it is a pleasure to deal with people that know their stuff like you and your staff. I feel confident in recommending you to anyone.

I don’t usually take the time to write a testimonial unless I am completely happy with something and this time I am. Once in a while there comes along a supplier that has done such an outstanding job that you just can’t keep them to yourself. You feel compelled to tell others what makes them so good. Final Finish is one such example. Final Finish is the epitome of everything that comes to mind when you think of the values of a small business.

At Casco, for years we have both fabricated and purchased production equipment to produce our own products and just slapped some paint on the finished equipment before installing into our production lines. In a very short period of time the equipment looked old and not very professional. That is the past for us now. We at this time have Final Finish powder coat most of our new equipment and tooling and it holds up to daily production use. It looks new even after being on the production floor after months of use. An added benefit also appears to be in the way our team members treat this equipment because it does look so good. Your short turnaround times also work great for us as well as your pickup and delivery.

The fact that you and your team pay particular attention to what we want the finish equipment to look like is a real plus. You block off the threaded holes, tape items/areas where we do not want coating saves us a lot of time and effort when we are doing the final assembly of the equipment. The end item looks as professional as it can look and has absolutely been noticed by our customers when they visit. Final Finish Powder Coating is a true partner in every sense of the word. They supported us through every phase of a project: pick up, part preparation, powder coating, packaging and delivery. Final Finish makes a real effort to understand our business and to maximize their effectiveness.

Final Finish has provided the overall appearance of our product within the arena of a high quality paint finish that is just absolutely superb. Suntec and their customers are extremely satisfied with Final Finishes work. Working together with Final Finish and especially, their attention to detail, quality assurance, and devotion to customer satisfaction has enabled Suntec to get our products shipped on time and at last minute notices. We are looking forward to even more growth with Final Finishes support, team effort, and very professional and very friendly team. Thank you Final Finish for all your work and support. (A Job that is always well done and on time)