Powder Coating

Protect Your Parts

Looks like paint
acts like armor

Powder coated red Polaris RZR


Powder Coating is widely considered a better way to paint parts of your vehicle in order to protect it from natural elements, chipping, scratching and UV rays for longer periods of time. Final Finish has hundreds of color options that will enhance the look of your car, motorcycle or utility vehicle.

We commonly coat aluminum, steel, rims, car wheels, motorcycle wheels, equipment, outside furniture, frames, and other various auto parts. For exhaust components, see our ceramic coatings services.

We provide cost estimates. An average cost estimate for a single 15”-20” wheel with average prep time is $110.00/wheel, steel or aluminum.

Customer holding black powder coated Mercedes Rim outside of the Morgantown Final Finish

Our Process

  1. Prep

Before coating any material it first has to been cleaned and smoothed. We dip the material in a liquid chemical bath to remove dirt and grime. Next, we grind down any areas that may be rough to prevent powder from bunching up on unsmooth edges. Last we sandblast all parts to remove any remaining rust or debris.

2. Apply

As we mentioned before, the powder is applied using a electrically charged gun. A nice coat is applied to the entire surface of each part.


3. Cure

The powder coat is cured in order the melt the paint to the part. This is done by placing the part in our 20 foot oven for 10-15 minutes.


Color and Finish

Thousands of Options

Final Finish employee cleaning car windshield

Let one of our representatives work with you to find the exact color for your car, motorcycle or anything else you need to powder coat.

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Yellow Corvette new paint job