Powder Coating

Looks like paint and acts like armor.

At Final Finish we can coat any metal object that fits inside our 20 foot oven. There are endless color options, including textured color options, and even chrome color powder coating. We commonly coat aluminum, steel, rims, car wheels, motorcycle wheels, equipment, outside furniture, frames, and other various auto parts. For exhaust components, see our ceramic coatings services. We provide cost estimates. An average cost estimate for a single 15”-20” wheel with average prep time, is $85.00/wheel, steel or aluminum.

Professional Quality

The Final Finish team strives to bring you the highest quality product and service in the market.

Latest Technology

Final Finish utilizes the latest technologies to create an armor like cover over any product.

Endless Options

Final Finish offers powder coating on many different types of materials with an endless option of colors.