Ceramic Coatings
Professional Coating

The Final Finish team strives to bring you the highest quality ceramic coating in the market.

Latest Technology

Our Ceramic Coating Process utilizes the latest technologies to create an armor like cover over any product.

Endless Options Available

From Motorcycle Applications to Engine Components Final Finish offers ceramic coatings for anything you need coated.

At Final Finish we are also a provider of high quality ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings are typically used for high temp applications. Our ceramic coatings are rated for 1,800F. Ceramic coatings are commonly used on exhaust systems, engine components, automotive, and motorcycle applications. Ceramics can be applied to steel or aluminum. There are limited color options for ceramic coatings, which include; Titanium, Silver, Black, Flat Black, Gold, Gray, and White. Cost estimates for you project will be available. Average cost for small block headers $250, Long Tube Headers $350.